Paulsboro, New Jersey

This company should be embarrassed because of how bad our experience in puerto morelos was. Never work with europcar.

We reviewed prices online and decided to go with europcar since it was the cheapest option and closest to our hotel since we would have to walk there. We payed online and got an email receipt - $15.81 all fees and taxes included. We walked the 40 minutes to the rental place, got there around 9 AM, but it was still closed despite saying that it was open at 8 AM. They came to open at about 9:30 and we showed them our prepaid email confirmation/receipt and they told us that the car cost $45. We told them we already payed and it included everything that we needed but they said we needed to buy more insurance. We asked the employee to pull up the terms and conditions that say that it was mandatory (even though we had completely payed already) and he printed off and highlighted a section that said purchasing that type of insurance is OPTIONAL. Then he told us that even though it said optional, we actually had to buy it. After about 45 minutes of trying to explain that we already payed for everything we needed online, explaining that "optional" means "not mandatory" to buy, and showing him our confirmation multiple times, we said we would take the car at $45 so that our day in another country wasn't wasted. They took us out to the car which was all scratched up, then when we got in the car, it was a MANUAL even though we specifically got an automatic (and it said so on our receipt as well). So back to the front desk where they told us to just take the manual car even though we payed extra to get an automatic. After refusing the car and explaining multiple times that I can drive a manual car, they told us they could bring an automatic transmission in 10 minutes. So a half hour later the car still wasn't there and we continued trying to explain that we had already paid for the car but it fell on deaf ears. They finally brought the new car - a different model than what we had ordered - with a quarter tank of gas and 2 hours of our day wasted.

My girlfriend was excited that at least the model that we received had a USB port to charge phones but of course it didn't work - not just with her phone, we tried multiple cords and phones.

Then the next day we were finally ready to drop off the car and rid ourselves of this company when they told us there was a scratch on the hub cap. We didn't hit ANYTHING during the 1 day that we had the car and they had inspected the car while we were dealing with the price issue during the first day. They claimed that the car was brand new and no one else had ever used the car so it had to be from us - even though the car was dirty when we got it and, as previously mentioned, the USB inside the car was already broken before we got the car so unless it came broken, it was a used car. So inside the store, the same employee told us that we had to pay $20 for the scratch. I told him that since he made us buy the insurance, we only would have had to pay 10% instead of the full amount but he insisted that the insurance didn't cover it - despite being for all damage and theft related charges. After spending an hour in the store demanding our receipt to show that we returned the car, he finally printed one off saying that we had been charged $51 on our credit card despite our receipt from yesterday saying $41. When we asked him to explain what each listed charge was, he had no idea what the extra charges were (except the insurance that he made us buy) but wouldn't look it up or fix it. So finally after spending a total of 3 hours in the store doing what should have taken 5 minutes, we left the store.

I sent them an email explaining everything that had happened and over a week later, still have't heard back.

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If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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