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Dear Sirs, firstly I hope that this email trail has sufficient information in it for you to trace my booking.

I returned to Sydney last month from a trip to the UK with my wife and two young sons, and have a very serious complaint with the Europcar experience.

I'll summarise with bullets:

Picked up car from Heathrow as per details in email trail below

Immediate focus from the front desk on trying to upsell to a bigger/better vehicle

Despite pre-ordering two child seats some weeks ago it took over an hour to get the right one for my youngest son, and involved somebody attempting to install it who admitted it was literally his first day

After I took the upgrade sold to me and packed the car we were about to leave (after over an hour) when we discovered the car doors would not lock. So I had to unpack and reload again. Not what you want off a flight from Singapore with two young children in freezing rain

After a second upgrade car was provided, we had just left the Europcar terminal and my wife noticed we had a low tyre pressure warning. There was no way we were going back for a third car after all this so I drove to our destination, Leicester. I checked the PSI when we got to Leicester and it was 22. I filled it to around 40 but within half an hour the warning came on again.

I called the Leicester branch of Europcar and was advised that I should take the car to a Kwik Fit garage. This I did and they confirmed the puncture and replaced the tyre after I had to wait two hours

I raised the matter when I dropped the car off at Heathrow and was advised that customer service would be a better avenue to pursue this. The front desk did makes notes on my file so you should be able to check them to find consistency with this story. To their credit they did recognise that this was a very serious issue and passed me a direct email contact; I foolishly lost this during the trip back to Australia.

I'm pretty annoyed with the standard of service regarding the car seats and the upsell which had faulty keys.

But far more concerning to me is the fact that I was presented with a car which had a slow puncture and allowed to drive away carrying my wife and two young sons, in awful weather conditions.

I await your response regarding this very serious oversight. I'm appalled at the fact that we were put in this level of danger, and the considerable time I had to spend on the phone to agents and in garages.

Product or Service Mentioned: Europcar Car Rental.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Europcar Cons: Car received, Criminals.

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