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On the end of November 2013, a friend who was visiting Australia and I rented a car with Europcar in Brisbane for 5 days…

The car we chose was not available so we got upgraded with something bigger and more comfortable which was on the moment a pretty good news.

Surprisingly no one came to check the car with us.

We didn’t get any additional insurance and before leaving the car depot we did a quick check on the car, everything was alright.

We brought back the car 5 days after, on the 29th of November, still in Brisbane, nothing happened during our trip to Ballina, where the car stayed in an undercover private space car park…we did another check, still by ourselves, everything was still fine.

4 days later I received an email from Europcar stating that some damages occurred during our rental period…I straight called Europcar customer service and tried to get some explanations and said that I was strongly contesting that anything happened and that I did checked the car)…this call occurred on the 3rd of December and at the time no one was able to explain what it was and what happened (when the report I received later is supposedly dated on the 29th of November). The person I spoke with told me that she will enquire and get back to me before anything happen.

A bit more than a month after, I received the invoice for my rental, the normal price but straight after when I checked my bank account on the 6th of January 2014, what a surprise when I discovered that 410 euros have been taken out from my account.

I called back and they told me that before doing anything I had to make a complaint to their customer service by email…a couple of days after I received an email with the report stating that some damage occurred on the car (which are just in the front of the driver door so I’m still wondering how bad was my sight not to have spotted it when I did the check) and some pictures of the location of the damage on which you can see anything really except the reflect of the light and the plate of the car but of course no picture of the damage and the plate of the car…so I’m just wondering : is this really our car?

Why 4 days after, when I called(on the 3rd of dec) no one knew what it was about when the report is from the 29th?

If damage there is, it could be someone parking by the car side on Europcar car park after we left the car, so how can we check that?

Where is the quote from the car smash repair shop?

How blind are we?

Do Europcar think we are *** because we have accent and pay with European credit card?

Would it have ever happened if we had chosen additional insurances?

Weirdly I did some internet research I found plenty of similar cases…so I just want to say , “hey Eurpocar, what’s happening? Is it a normal way to make some extra money?”

I’m an honest and ethic person, as I told them I did check the car and I would have told them if anything happened.

So I did send them an email, explaining them why I was absolutely disagreeing and contesting all of their procedure and that any damages happened during our rental period…

Now they’re just answering me that everything is normal regarding their procedures and rental agreement and because I signed the little paper at the beginning, I’m just screwed and just have to say thanks, give my other cheek and bend over??

Product or Service Mentioned: Europcar Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $620.

  • dishonest
  • insurace
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