Ottawa, Ontario

I will never rent a car from them again and I am spreading the word. I have traveled for 30 years and never came across such terrible service.

I rented a car, prepaid at $522 Canadian, expected drop off charge of 200 euros. As a result of a computer error, they charged by visa, after I got home, $3500.

It took us 3 months to resolve through my travel agent and visa, they admitted the error, credited us and charged us the appropriate rate. At the same time Visa had credited us $1400 (not the total $3500)..

they have now reversed that but in the meantime EUROPCAR HAD THE NERVE to send us a letter putting us on a watch list. Never again, stay away from them!

Product or Service Mentioned: Europcar Car Rental.

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I rented a car from EuropCar in Madrid airport. The car gas gauge registered Full (F) when I picked it up; ten minutes out of the airport, the gauge was down to 7/8+.

The previous renter had not "filled" the car to totally full. When I returned the car, I filled the tank less than 2 miles from the airport, the office personnel said that the car would be checked off premises. I was charge 29 Euros. Their explanation: Two Euros for fuel (1 Liter) and 27 Euros administration fee.

I tried reasoning with them, but they were not interested.

Very poor customer relations. Not the car company I would use again.


Be warned of Duty Manager named PAV DUBB at Europcar Birmingham International Airport. He has no people skills.

He accused me for being drunk and called the police.

He later relised i had a throat problem and was talking to me like he was in the right all along for suspecting i was drunk. I made complaints to head office about but nothing has been done looks like the people above him allways takes his side.