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An approx. 175cm tall smart man around the age of 30 with a round head and hereditary fine brown tain and slightly African trains served me.

- a car in your booked class is no longer available, you will get an upgrade.

- he wanted to give me the usual things like additional insurances and navigation etc, everything what my voucher already covered (of course I refused everything).

This delayed the rental in the unpleasant way, I know much more customer friendly places.

- He kept telling me what an expensive car I will get for 25 pounds, and he made me believe that it was covered by my voucher.

- Even when it came to depositing the deposit and I asked what was being debited from the credit card, he assured me that it was only the 700 pounds of the deposit. => !!! he lied at me !!!

The bill for 420 pounds came only after returning the car, so clearly too late to do anything.

:-( I feel really betrayed by europcar. Hands off, if you can and otherwise there must be no amount on the rental invoice, otherwise you will be ripped off.

- I have never asked for it.

I was only told they would get an upgrade,

- After returnal this made me aware of the fact that I unwittingly renounced a fully comprehensive insurance and that with a car for >40k€; what a nightmare.

And even worse, I was not avare of it till after car returnal.

- with this car I was ashamed at every ride (the backpacker in the Merzedes). Who would want such a show-off car for the old generation?

- The customer service rejected me by the way 2 times, and at the same time assured me that they consciously try to arrange expensive upgrades for the customer (of course described with nice greasy words).

Reason of review: I feel ripped off, been cashed, what I never wanted. and lied at customer desk.

Monetary Loss: $520.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Europcar Pros: Car is ok.

Europcar Cons: Car ordered not availble, Slow service for car pick up.

  • Europcar Complaint
  • rental car ripoff
  • Lying Europcar
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