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Update by user Oct 08, 2015

I did get a reply from a Europcar representative.

"The contract was booked through a broker exclusive of insurances.

My colleague was correct offering you the insurance he did. You have taken full cover which means you had a zero excess, basic cover would have been with an excess of 1200."


as I show of good faith for the delayed time in pick up I’ve refunded the airport surcharge to you in the amount of 28.38euro. "

So they overcharged me by 515.63 Euro and offer me a refund of 28.38 Euro.

How nice.

And then they say that their agent "offered" me insurance coverage. No he didn't.

He said that I have to take the insurance cover, otherwise my reserved rate would change, and the rental would be even more expensive than what I paid. That is not offering, that is using strongarm tactics to force the consumer into a no win situation.

Original review posted by user Sep 08, 2015

I was mugged at Dublin Airport (or a couple of miles outside of it) by Fran (D'Scam) from Europcar car rental.

My original reservation through Orbitz was for 515.63 euro(Including fees and taxes). The online reservation said that the Europcar rental location was in the Airport terminal. It wasn't, it was a fifteen minute bus ride from the terminal.

At the actual rental location, there was an almost two hour wait before we got our car. That is when I had the misfortune to deal with Fran (D'Scam), the rental agent at counter one. Fran was a smooth operator. Scribbling various numbers onto post it notes making it look like he was giving me a great deal. In fact what he was doing was doubling my car rental cost from 515.15 Euro to 1,100 Euro. He informed me that if I didn't take the extra add on's, my reservation would be voided. Having two crying toddlers with me, who were tired and jetlagged I didn't really have another option, but to rent the car. He is a scam artist, nothing more. The car I got looked like it was in a war zone. Scratches and gouges all over.

Stay away from Europcar if you ever go to Ireland, and in particular Mr Fran (D'Scam).

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Europcar Cons: Surcharges, Deceitful practice and overcharging, Scammed.

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