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Booked a Europcar auto-rental for over 1 month on Auto-Europe. Booked and paid for 1 month and after just 15 days I received an email from Europcar that they needed to return the car to the manufacturer so please come and take another from Nice airport. Strange! Anyway, I obliged 2 days later even though I was several

hours away.

Two months later I received a charge of EUR 110 on my credit card saying that Europcar needed to send me a "telegram" since I could not be contacted on telephone *** did send me an email though!!!!). When I contacted Auto Europe, they simply said that it was a matter between Europcar and me.

It seems to me that both these companies are in some unholy collusion and will do anything to levy unfair and illegal charges on their customers credit cards. all the more sadder, because I paid for fuel and time out of my pocket while on a holiday to return the car even though it was paid up for 30 days just to oblige these criminals.

Anyone else had a similar nasty experience with Auto-Europe and Europcar. Any reccomendation on where to report them for consumer action and fraud in France?

Here is the mail I received from them several days BEFORE the prepaid booking period was to expire:

The manufacturer must imperatively recover the vehicle you rent beacause it is sold.

We offer an exchange of vehicle departing from Nice Airport, at your convenience.

Thank you for keeping us informed.

Reason of review: CREDIT CARD FRAUD.

Monetary Loss: $110.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Europcar Cons: Found the company unethical, Criminals.

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I agree, I booked a rental car for 6 days through CheapoAir, at the Europcar agency at the Nice airport in France. The rental price was very competivive in that car class (compact) and it seemed to include all common and well-known taxes for that location, which I have been there many times (near my hometown in France) and I had booked with many other rental agencies and online booking sites.

That was a pre-pay deal so that is why the price was also very competitive. That was a last minute, unplanned booking.

In the booking confirmation I received, I noticed that a third party company was involved, AutoEurope, and that they were the ones providing the voucher to present at the Europcar counter. No problem: I have booked before a couple time with vouchers, with airline miles and such, so I thought again that all was covered, provided that I did not request any optional services and insurances.

I got to Nice. The Europcar agent of course wanted to upgrade me to a more expensive car and other options.

I told him no and that I had prepaid online so I would take the car that was included. I asked him if the voucher woud cover everything, he said yes.

After getting back home a week later, I saw an additional charge for $66 and change. The original rental I had prepaid was $221. I contacted AutoEurope and they went into giving me links and a 5 page disclosure showing somewhere that the airport and road surcharges were not included.

When I asked for an invoice for that, they just send me the detail in a regular written email, no formal invoice.

The way they were showing the charges was also very confusing: the disclaimer said the surcharges were inclusive of VAT, but on their detail it showed not...

Anyway, on top of that, these extra charges were billed by Europcar, so they are playing the third pary "it's not me, it's them" game, and since I signed the receipt at the Europcar counter in Nice, I have no recourse. So beware when you book: if you see AutoEurope anywhere, just cancel or be prepared to pay 30 to 40% more for your rental, depending location.