Stavanger, Rogaland
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We hired a seven seat car from Europcar Amsterdam Schipol for a summer road trip via the website (Peugeot 5008 or similar).

The hire was confirmed okay but on arrival we were only able to collect a five-plus-two (meaning the space meant for luggage in used for one or two fold up seats and the bags are put where ever they can be shoe horned).

We were told there were no alternatives (even though the booking for a 7 seat car was confirmed and pre-paid), so made do as best we could; which is to say, we had a cramped ride.

The trip was uneventful from the driving perspective.

On returning the car a 'scratch' was discovered on panel crease low on the passenger side doors - we hadn't hit anything but had been unable to photograph that side of the car on collection due to the car being parked close to pillars holding up the car park and thus couldn't prove whether it had been present or not at collection. In fairness none of us had noticed it during the drive, although the location of the scratch is low on the doors, underneath a panel crease.

By the time we landed back in Stavanger we had already received an invoice for 850 Euros to repair the 'scratch',which even by Norwegian price standards is exorbitant, but we had signed a rental agreement and put it down to bad luck and a lesson learned (never hire a car from Europcar ever again).

Two months later we receoved a second invoice, this time for 600 Euros, for repairing the same scratch. Which is ridiculous.

Both invoices were directly charged to my credit card, which limits one's ability to debate the claim,

Having subsequently read a number of reviews concerning Europcar's idea of customer service, I am less surprised by this development and will be consulting my credit card issuer tomorrow morning to report what I consider to be credit card fraud.

I will also recommend to everyone I know, work with or network with not to risk doing business with this company in future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Europcar Car Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Europcar Pros: Only company offering 7 seater on rentalcars dot com.

Europcar Cons: That they charged a ridiculous fee to repair a scratch, That two months later they charged again for the same scratch, That they didnt deliver an actual 7 seater.

  • Europcar overcharges
  • overcharged credit card
  • Charged Twice For Scratch
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Rented a car for 2 days in Yerevan. On returning the vehicle was told theres a minir scratch under the front of the vehicle.

Who checks under vehicles for scratches. Agent now wanting to charge 100 USD

I have asked for proper documentation showing the scratch which we couldnt see and any legitimate backing up this claim. agent keeps making promises but nothing except them trying to scam money for a scratch we cant even see.

I have rented cars in different parts of the world but this is the first horrible experience.

Avoid Europcar... unless you want to be scammed


Shortly after submitting this review the additional charge was refunded as was a portion of the original deduction as there had been an administrative error on Europcar's part.

I'm satisfied with the outcome, but have used alternative car rental companies on subsequent holidays and booked the cars directly using their online booking pages in lieu of using