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My dad hired a car from this company which was a Toyota. When we got out the airport to collect our car the staff were very rude and pushed us around into a van.

When we got to the rental place they claimed they needed his national insurance number which wasnt previously stated so he spent lots of money phoning people to find it. Then the car he received was not a toyota but a volkswagen which had a tiny scratch on it. He igbored it and drove away in it. He never did a single bit of damage to the car and he had it cleaned and re fueled before returning.

When he returned the car the staff saw the tiny little scratch and said he had done it, even though he hadnt. So he obviously stood up for himself and said he had nothing to do with it, then the staff started making up little dents in the car. After about an hour of arguing he eventually got off with the charge which could have been up to £500 for this tiny scratch which had nothing to do with him.

The company are liars and cheaters and its disgraceful. Avoid renting here at all costs!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Europcar Toyota Car Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Europcar and its associate interrent are to be avoided at all times! Their general policy appears to try and defraud customers systematically to make up their business losses!

Another to use very carefully is autoeurope which operates internationally and who acts as a bid dog for europcar and interrent!

If you are scammed then the chances of getting real support getting your money back via Europcar are very slim indeed!

My advice personally is protect you money and family and use reputable car rental companies! Who are they? Simply check the net and facebook!

Save yourself a lot of real hassle and in the long term real money!