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They boast new cars and pre hire check however I saw none of this. I paid about a tenth of the cars value to hire a wreck in Bourges airport Bulgaria (BOU). At first the remote lock didn't work so I was told to just use the key, that's alright.

then when I tried getting back in the car I realised the key only worked in the driver's door, still not too bad then I realised the tyres were past there best! The legal requirement in Bulgaria is 1.6mm and markers on the tyre show this, the markers were the same level as the tread on 2 tyres and the others were just legal.

Then on the second day after a night there was a film of muck on my windscreen, pulled the leaver and hear the pump go but no washer fluid-cant say I was surprised though, why check the washers when you can't be bothered checking the tyres? I would also like to mention the amount of wheel wobble you got from the steering was amazing, the wheels must of been completely un balanced.Emailed them and (2 weeks later) got quite a snooty email response from them as well. Charming!

But it looks like i got of lightly! at least my bank balance is unharmed by europcar!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I had a very bad experience with Europcar in Armenia

Tried to scam me for a scratch on the bumper that we couldn't even see. Got me to sign a form claiming liability.

Been a week and the agent wont sent any documentation except trying to claim 100USD .

I have used many rent a cars over the world. .. Europcars been the worse and my first bad experience. I thought being a reputable company I was safe....

Unfortunately I was very wrong. BEWARE


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