One can hire a car only if paying by credit card. Unfortunately, people who prepare to leave Qatar, have to cancel credit cards two months in advance of their departure, in order to obtain exit clearance.

This is precisely the time when people sell their own cars and need to rent a car.

Europcar agency should be aware of the policies of the country they operate in. Moreover, they should not charge (non-refundable) amounts as booking deposit on-line to non-credit cards, knowing very well that the booking deposit comes from non-credit card.

I paid on-line for my booking with a bank card. Europcar agency in Doha have simple answer to that: "we only provide services, we know nothing, no credit card - no car, we know nothing about the money you were charged on-line".

The booking agency for Europcar has similar answer: "we charged money, the money will not be returned, we know nothing". If Europcar only recognizes credit card payments, how come the moeny with so much ease and speed is taken off the customer's bank card account.

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