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We decided to rent a car from Europcar to drive from Mexico to Cancun.We booked a Hunday Vera with 4 luggage spots. When we arrived they gave us a small Chevrollet Chevy (huge difference, lower category).

After 3 hrs of discussions, we left at 12am, driving 3000km with 2 luggage on the back seat between us. With the first Chevrolet they gave us,after we packed everything we noticed that one of the stop lights wasn't working so we spend another 30 min until they gave us another Chevy. This one had almost no petrol.When we reached Cancun to drop it off, they said we still have to pay $600 and another $100 for petrol (that we didn't received). I showed them my bank statements with proof from them that the car was paid.Then I called Europcar main center from my mobile (costs of 2 calls AU$165 on my phone-bill).

Eventually when there was nothing else to do we took pictures with the car and we left 2hrs later risking for us to loose the flight. They threatened us and kept all our documents.

Today I received my bank statement and noticed that Europcar charged me another AU$674, paiment that I never authorised. I will dispute this criminal offense, this is fraud and Europcar is a scam!

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Im in the uk and just had a similar experience with them. They charged me 375gbp for a cracked windshield.

the damage was already on the car but I didn't notice it until driving away, I took a photo immediately though to be able to prove that I didn't cause it. They didn't even notice the damage when I returned the car the next day, I was the one that told them to ensure that I would not be charged and I was told it should be fine because it must be in the system. The very next day 25 December Christmas morning to be exact they email be a bill of 375gbp. 250 was from the deposit that I authorised and the rest they made another charge on my card without my authorization.

Anyhow since apparently this is a common practice with them I am contacting as many people in similar situation that are willing to take them to court and raise a class action lawsuit against them. If you are interested email me at


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