Omaha, Nebraska

I am an American, visited the United Kingdom for 2 weeks last month. Picked up a black Toyota Auris on June 15th at Glasgow Airport.

Next day, hit a pothole which caused a flat at 11 am (2 miles past Glenshiel). No spare in the vehicle. My mobile phone does not have international service, so I had to flag someone down to call Europcar. Customer Service said someone would be there to tow me in 90 minutes.

2.5 hours later, I had to flag someone else down to borrow another phone. I was told by Customer Service that they were very sorry but no one was on the way. This time they assured me someone would arrive in 60 minutes. A tow truck finally appeared 3 hours later.

I was then towed to Inverness where I was charged £192 to repair the tire, even though i took the insurance (against my better judgment). Apparently, it only covered damages over £1,000. I did not get back on the road until just after 9 pm. An entire day of my much planned for, much saved for, and much anticipated vacation was ruined with barely an apology from Europcar and a nice fat bill.

I was stranded and scared and without a restroom all day. I have included the cost of the wasted insurance in my loss valuation below.

Monetary Loss: $713.

  • Europcar Complaint
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