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They overcharge for everything. The only honest rate was the daily rental rate.

They say they include taxes and fees in the online price, but it DOES NOT. You will pay nearly $200 in fees to get the car (airport and government). Also, they say the basic insurance is $252.00 when you look online. However, you get charged $391.

They RIP YOU OFF. Then they want to charge you an another $200 for "complete" insurance coverage. That's nearly $600 in insurance and the only way you're going to get it to work for you is if you can get a police report. Good luck with that in the DR!


Product or Service Mentioned: Europcar Car Rental.

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I had an awfull experience as well with Europcar at the airport in Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic). My contract was changed by Melvin Reyes AFTER I signed it. Thank god I had a copy of this contract and did not pay as requested.

I had prepaid everything via Expedia. At check out they had changed the already signed contract and had added a US$40 insurance per day. They wanted to let me pay an extra $540 for 14 days rental.

Of cource I did not pay anything. They just try to scam you.

The person who changed my contract (counterfeit) is sr. Melvin Reyes. He is almost everyday working at Puerto Plata at the desk and does only speak a few words English.

My advise: check everything you sign very carefully like I did.