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I booked a car on line on 19th June. I was due to pick the car up

yesterday at 9am. I get to the office and am told by the female behind

the desk, that there are no cars and that I have to come back at 12

noon. I told her how can this be and why wasn’t I contacted before I

made my way here. I verbalised my unhappiness at the situation and

there was a couple who were already there and they were experiencing

the same situation. I told the Female that I had to be at a funeral at

12 noon and this was unacceptable.

At no point during this discussion did she apologise for the situation

or have any empathy for the distress she was causing. Another couple

came to collect a car they had ordered and were told the same thing,

but she spoke to these people in a different tone and offered them

their money back. They left with the wife in tears. When I approached

her and asked why I could not have my money back she told me ‘he

booked on OUR website, you booked through a broker!’ when I initially

got there she told me that she had no details of my booking only my

name, so I queried how ‘suddenly’ she had obtained more


I felt from the onset that I was being treated ‘differently’ to the

other customers – they were all white and I am black.

Eventually I managed to demand that I was given a 2 seated van sitting

on the forecourt, until my car would be available at 12 noon. I gave

my Driving license and my Credit card details on the provision that I

get my pre-ordered car before 12 noon so that I could get to the


I left, not happy and told her to call me.

At 11.45 I had not received a call so I rang up and was told ‘we have

no cars until 2-3pm!’ no sorry, no nothing. I drove back to the office

with my sister as we were both attending the funeral.

When we arrived she reluctantly said that we could have a car that had

just been returned which was being washed. My sister was very upset at

this point and started to say that this was not on and how do you

think that you could run a company like this and pointed out that

their customer service skills needed to be addressed as they were very

flippant and nonchalant with their replies.

At this point the woman who had hid her self away in the back office

came out and told my sister that she was rude and that we were not

going to get the car and how we would have to wait for the manager to


Things just went from bad to worse, I was told by the woman behind the

desk that I NEEDED TO APOLOGISE TO HER (as when I came before, I was

on my mobile and called her an *** – I WAS ON MY MOBILE AND WAS


To cut a long story short, we waited for the manager, he eventually

came, filled out the paperwork and drove off VERY, VERY, VERY,

UNHAPPY, DISTRESSED AND VERY, VERY ANGRY!!!!!!! we were 45 minutes

late for the funeral!!!!

My concern now is when I return the car, I will not get my deposit

back as I can see they will find an excuse not to refund it.

--Rental agreement no


Res no





Fiona Fontenelle.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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