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I spent 2 months in Italy last year from August to October 2008. While we were there we rented a car.

The Place we rented from was Europcar at the Termini location in Rome.

As with any car rental you must produce your credit card even if you are paying cash for the vehicle.

Upon each vehicle return we paid in cash and were assured nothing would appear on the credit card. The CC company is TD Visa in Canada.

We returned home in October and in began to receive all kinds of charges to the card from the car rental company Europcar at Termini location in Rome. Each month other than one we have incurred charges from over 1000 dollars to a bottom of 59 daollars. Non of these charges are valid and have been made up! however the dispute resolution process with TD Visa is to no avail.

If the billing occurs and you do not have proof then you are charged, the fraud dept with Visa will not interfere because you have authorized use of the card even if your authorization was to be believed to simply hold the funds incase. Once you sign for a vehicle rental the contract is open ended and they can charge your account for years after you have left the country. It has been 7 months since our visit and we are incurring new charges dated for the time we were there and each charge is a new charge. Case in point to alert anyone with common sense.

The most recent charge is for extra milage etc. Why was that not incurred upon return of the vehicle when inspected and accepted by the rental compay? Beware...Do not deal with auto Europcar in Rome Italy! And make sure you have recourse with your credit card company in case something like this should arise.

In my experience and opinion Do not use TD Vise as your credit card company as you will not have fair recourse.

Product or Service Mentioned: Europcar Car Rental.

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Hi everyone is there some e-mail where i can contact europacar?


EuropCar Customer Service,

re:Europcar Italia Sparomiata,(Rome Termini)

Transactions de Robert Boffa no. XXXX

and Transactions de Danielle Marie StArnaud, no XXXX

XXXXXXXX Mastercard,

07 June/11 June

We recieved an additional un-itemized bill for $313.90 (Canadian) from Europcar Italia Sparomiata after returning our car which was rented with a zero deductible and paid for in advance. I would like to have an itemized bill for the charges on my credit card. Please send to my email address below. XXXXXXX@XXXXXXXXX

Thank you,

Robert Boffa


I had the same problem with europcar in Palerm. They take money from my credit car for option that I haven't taken.

Be careful, avoid Europcar.

I think exactly like William K. : they are criminal !!


I have had EXACTLTY the same experience as J Woolf. Rented a Europcar out of Milan last July and have now been assessed three fees for supposedly unpaid tolls and 'administration fees' associated with this.

I never failed to pay any tolls and Autostrada Italy confirmed that there were no such violations.

These people at Europcar are criminals. DON'T deal with them under any circumstances.


I believe the person I delt with had a direct connection with the police dept in Italy and a number of bogus reports were made. I was ticketed 3 times in 2 mins on the same street.

but what bothers me most is my CC company TD Visa International allowed them to scoop thousands of dollars off my card after I had p[aid in cash and was told on the phone by TD International that it was only a hold they had on my card which would be removed.

The holds were never removed and you have up to 90 days to file a complaint. I have learned a great lesson here!


I rented a car from Florence Italy in July this year. The rental was a smooth transaction and the vehicle was returned in a good condition with a full tank of fuel.

4 months later 96 euros was debited from my credit card by Europcar Roma. When asked what this was for I was told traffic violations on unpaid toll charges. As I had not been on a toll road on these dates I asked for documented evidence but was informed this was not available and I would have to contact Autostrada Italy direct. This I did and received confirmation that there were NO unpaid toll fees for the dates of my rental.

I then referred back to Europcar Roma who then admitted there were no fines but the administration fee would still stand and it is a legal transaction.

The complaint is now being disputed and escalated direct with Europcar and my card company.

If you are going to hire a vehicle from this company in Italy be warned to take great care with the administration. These transactions occur unknowingly after a rental has been completed......