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I payed in advance with 3 months for a rental car in Munich Airport. I was promised an Opel Vectra or similar. When I arrived to the airport rental car desk I was forced to accept a Chrysler PT Cruiser, which is definitely smaller than I was expecting. Then after driving it in Austria on a mountain road I realized it had technical problems with the power steering. I went to a Europcar station in Austria to get a replacement car and I had another bad surprise, I was sent to another station in Germany. They claimed they couldn’t replace it because it was rented in Germany. Because it wasn't to far I accepted to drive to Germany.

When I arrived in Freilassing in Germany, they tested the car and admitted the power steering pump wasn't working properly (it was making a terrible noise). Finally when I was allmost sure I was going to get another car, they told me they couldn’t do anything because they don't have any car available. I told them that's not my problem but theirs and they have to solve it but I had to leave eventually driving the same car.

I really didn't expect such a low quality service from a well-known rental car company in Germany.

So I recommend think twice before renting with Europcar.

Product or Service Mentioned: Europcar Car Rental.

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I returned the car in the condition I picked it up. At the time of pick up, the guy pointed out that there were some scratches on the rear right bumper, but I shouldn't worry about them because Europecar doesn't consider that "damage".

Great car, dropped the key in the key box because there wasn't anyone on duty. Without any communication from Europecar, I noticed almost 1,000 GBP had been taken from my credit card. When I called Customer Service they said that it was for damage to....the right rear bumper. The same area that had been pointed out to me when I picked up the car. What a coincidence! I logged my complaint with Customer Services and asked for photographic evidence, to see if it matched photos that I took when I picked up the car, but a week later I still haven't received a photo, an email or a call.

In the meantime Europecar have 1,000 GBP of my money.

Luckily, I took photos of the car. My advice to everyone is take a video or photos at pick up and drop off and check your credit card within a few days of returning a car.


Still chasing a refund for an extra days car hire charged after an alleged late reurn.

Car was returned at 10.30 am, my flight left at 11.20, car was due back at 11.30, but despite me handing the keys to the lady on the desk, they claim it was returned at 4.30 pm. I was at home by then.

Response to my 3 phone calls and 4 or 5 emails has been underwhelming, with only automated replies.

Not impressed.

And these captcha code things are rubbish, this is the 3rd time I've written this.


I booked an Audi A3 at Paris CDG aeroport terminal 2D.

Girl at Europcar counter at 2D terminal CDG give me the other car Renault Scenic without any notification. I read it from printed contract after deposit was already withdrawn. When I asked to find me the car in class I ordered VW Golf or Audi A3 she ask me to wait 10 minutes. When 10 minutes gone and I came she told me that nothing is available. I said OK, just give me that Renault. But it was already gone to other client.

Finally I had a reservation, had blocked money from my card but hadn not any car at all!

I tried to get a car of better class which I noticed on parking. There was several A4 and I was ready to pay it is price much higher than previously booked car. But what a surprise I should to have a gold visa to book A4.

At the end I got Peugeot 308 after waiting 1.5 hours. People was changing on the reception nobody responcible for nothing. Completely impossible to call to customer service. Even guy from your reception could not get a customer service after a lot of tries.

I drive *** french car 6 hours and fill like zombie and all my schedules was broken.


I'm another unhappy Europcar customer.

After we returned to Australia we received notification from Europcar that 180 Euros would be deducted from our Mastercard for GPS hire and drop off fee. I tried for 2 months to contact Europcar Customer Service in Germany to say we never hired a GPS and disputed the drop off fee. They eventually admitted to an error with GPS but would not refund the other. I asked for an explanation as to how the extra charges could possibly have occurred and they replied that 'no further correspondence would be forth coming"!

How convenient to add extra charges after the customer flies home and cannot query the charges. Sounds like a rort to me.

Do yourself a favour, NEVER use Europcar


I had a thought today. I am so pissed!

Is there anyway that we could begin an International CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST EUROPCAR? There must be a Lawyer out there somewhere who is a pit pull and if seeing enough complaints would do the job pro bono untill such time as they would settle.

I have heard of other international class action suits. Anyone interested?