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I have rent a car in Florence for one day (27th of September). The rental was 35.79 according to internet.

The final payment asked was in the letter I received today is 142.66!!!!!!!!! When I returned the car in Florence (approx. 10 pm) I could not find a fuel service to refill as nobody from Europcar has let me know that there are no gasoline services downtown the city. In the final payment they charged me fuel charge 41,61 + refueling service 18,00 and other surcharges 20,00 Euro!!!

I want an explanation for these charges as I plan to take legal action against Europcar if they actually charge my credit card this amount.

George Diallinas

Product or Service Mentioned: Europcar Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $55.

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I had the same thing, premium station surcharge and they charged me about 4 euros a litre for petrol.


I just returned from an emergency trip to Germany to assist my ailing mother. I quickly booked with Europcar because they had the best price...there was no time to look into the nitty gritty.

I regularly visit her but past trips have been planned and booked in advance. I was shocked to find an extra 53 Euros added onto my credit card that was listed as Premium Station Surcharge. I have no idea what this means and no one mentioned this when I picked up the vehicle. I did not purchase insurance as I am covered with my credit card.

Had I known this I would have booked once I got to the airport. Never again will I use Europcar; they ended up costing me more than several of the competitors!


I rented a car from Europcar through Rentalcar.com for my trip to Germany and after I came back to US Europcar charged me 83.16 Euros from what they called "Premium Station Surcharge". They just rip off people.

Be aware with theses two companies!!!! They don't honor their prices.


i rented a car from turin, we was quoted a price, e366, crdit card was done for e757 ,whens emailed 3 times and still no explaination, very disappointed.


Well, this kind of thing is standard practice for Europcar. They would have done it even if you had filled up the gas tank completely.

I rented from Europcar in Belgium. Their web site listed a "guaranteed price, including all taxes and fees." I filled up the tank to the max, less than a mile from the return center at the Brussels airport. The charge on my credit card was TWICE AS MUCH as the "guaranteed" price listed on the web site. I contacted them at least 5 times by e-mail.

They have completely ignored me.

So the only conclusion can be that this is their business model and total disregard and disrespect for the customers is their normal way of working... Hopefully they will go out of business soon.

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I rented a car from EUROPCAR in France. I decided that this is the last time I will ever rent from them.

They charged me at check out a refueling service of 12.60 Euros while in fact I returned it full, then nearly one month later they charged my credit card 25 Euros. I contacted the billing department to inquire about the 25 euros.

Their customer service is so bad that they sent me from one number to another for nearly 1 hour and nobody could explain what is this 25 euros transaction for. At the end I gave up and decided to litigate the 25 Euros through my credit card issuer.