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I hired a car from Europcar in Sept 2010, made the mistake of paying for it by debit card, they have now helped themselves to my money so many times I have had to close my bank account, customer service just give you the 'we'll look into it' spiel and you never hear from them again, I am now looking at suing them, I just want my money back, can't believe they have got the cheek to just keep going into my account and helping themselves! They use their foreign offices to do it so they can just blame it on another country and unless you speak italian or whatever you won't be able to get it back, it must be the biggest scam going, whatever you do don't give them your debit/credit card details, it is likely they will keep helping themselves to your money and it is an absolute nightmare to get it back off them, in fact I haven't managed it yet, it really is daylight robbery, just keep away from them, you'll end up giving them so much money it is scary!!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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