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We rented a car from this company and the car broke down 20 minutes after we picked it up due to a bad clutch. The car was towed and we were left stranded with no car.

Company would not provide us with another one unless we got transportation back to the airport ourselves and then had the nerve to charge our credit card for the full amount of the rental with gas even though there was no car rental or services provided. We are now fighting with the company and our credit card company to have these charges removed. Do yourself a favor and avoid this company. They are corrupt, dishonest and don't follow professional practices in how they handle their Customers.

We purchased full insurance with no deductible. The company tried to tell us if they were to give us another car it would be a 1600 euro excess charge if the next car broke down.

Also, on another point, the car was dirty, was not a modern car as I expected and had over a 100 thousand miles on it. NOT what i would expect for a car rental!

Review about: Europcar Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #963183

Already at airport..went to the stall for europcar...they are the biggest scam I have ever imagined.tried to clear me big time.put a special insurance on my car against my knowledge.when I saw it a week lasted I called and told them to take it off.I also wrote to them.when I got to turn in I was told be agreement it would be taken off but it was not.then I had my credit card co. Try and get the refund but even they could card co.gave me a partial credit to keep me as a customer. Don't rent eurocar...they are thieves...


Worst car rental experience ever! Booked a "KA or similar" with excess waiver, Dublin airport, with your "partner" Europcar.

Went to collect it at the arrivals desk, friendly chatty lady said we needed to buy their excess waiver as well. I laughed said no it's OK I have brought it with Holiday Autos and showed her the paperwork. Oh no, she said you always have to buy it when you pick the car up, no I said, I have to give you a deposit on my card, I only have to pay for the other driver. She said holiday auto's were just a broker and not their partner.

So we are there, needing a car, no way of booking another one and if feels like we have to pay 22euro a day or we don't get the car. I said to her I feel like I am being fleeced, this is a ***, no she says this is usual. She then tells me how much she is charging me which is more than she quoted, I ask for a breakdown, first I see it is 22euros plus tax, oh prices quoted are always less tax she says, then I see that it is broken down, 6 euros for personal accident and 16 euros excess waiver, I ask if the personal cover is essential too, and after telling me it was part of the package and everyone has it I asked again 'but is it essential?' she conceded it was not essential so I got that refunded to my card.

We then go an hour later to pick up the car and get given the keys, I ask the man if he would come to check it with us, show us the controls etc but he can’t be bothered, says oh no we never do that - similar patronising 'don't you know, have you never hired a car before' tone as the lady at the airport.

We go to the bay and there is a massive dented Skoda Fabia estate in it! We return inside and explain we asked for a KA or similar, we wait for them to prepare a more suitable vehicle. Apparently the fact that I booked it weeks ago 'does not guarantee' they will have it when you arrive to collect it.

So 2hrs after getting to the desk in the airport we eventually leave in a very nice Clio Eco! Interestingly when we returned the car they were very quick to check it, I was asked if the scratches on the front were when we got it, I said I had no idea it was raining and no one checked it with us before we left!


What a terrible experience we had renting our car from Europcar at Dublin Airport. We booked online in the US and were quoted a price of $420 for 7 days rental.

When we went to pick the car up at Dublin airport the counter person said that it would be $884 due to additional costs (no way whatsoever were we told that there may be more costs than the quoted $420). Since we had no other way of getting to my folks house we agreed and went by shuttle bus to a pick-up area around 10 mins away where we were offered a car that was very beaten up and had over 87,000kms on the clock. I refused to take this car and said I'd wait until something else came in. After a 30 min wait they offered us another car which was in better shape and had only 20,000kms.

It really left a sour taste in our mouth for the whole Ireland experience. Best to avoid Europcar if you can.


Spurious company, I broke down in France in thier car and they did not want to know other than the safe recovery of the car.

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