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I hired a car through taveljigsaw - carhire3000, they booked a car for me with europcar swansea. Paid hire costs in full on my visa debit. The problems arose when I went to collect the car and pay the deposit.

To begin with the very rude lady at the desk claimed my visa debit card is a visa electron (it clearly states on the card its visa debit and had been used as such previously even on the same day.)

The europcar rep told me the card had been declined (I had already checked with my bank their was 4 times the required amount in the account available) so they tried it again. In fact she tried 3 times before I rung the bank to be told they had AUTHORISED PAYMENT 3 TIMES!!!

I had the bank speak directly to the rep for europcar, she had dialed the number off my card so sshould have been sure of who she was talking to. But she still refused to accept the bank had actually authorised it.

I rung carhire3000 as europcar were now refusing me a car. Carhire3000 spoke to the rep and she denied speaking to the bank - calling me a liar in front of 6 other customers or more. Carhire3000 agreed to refund me my hire costs and were most apologetic - they tried to get europcar to resolve this issue and give me a car but they refused. now 4 days later the money is still blocked by my bank as europcar have even refused to fax confirmation that they have not received authorisation for these transactions.Worse yet they are calling my bank liars as they claim to have spoken to my bank and been told my bank declined the payments! This last statement by head office of europcar.

If my syntax is not as precise or my grammar somewhat weak excuse me but my temper is past boiling point.


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