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I am now finding I am not the only customer of this company to be scammed by them for "damages" after returning the vehicle. Returned my car in Frankfurt, clerk at the lot did not speak English. He inspected the car and had me sign his handheld computer. I asked about "paper" printout and he just kept shaking his head. I asked "all ok?" in basic English and he said yes.

I am not an experienced car renter. Got home to US and within three weeks there was a charge on our CC for $45. I tried to contact Europcar about the charges but they did not respond. I called CC Visa and disputed the claim. Weeks later I got a response that the charges had been "validated" by Europcar - but they never gave me an invoice or explained what happened!

Another few weeks later, I got an invoice from Hamburg, Germany, for over 1600 Euros for repairing and repainting the hood and roof of the car!!! I was shocked and tried to find a number for Europcar to ask what this was for. They did not respond immediately, but several weeks later I got an email from them with two pictures showing "hail damage" to the hood and roof of the car. Thing is there are no damages visible in the picture! I responded as such, said I would not submit a false claim to my insurance, and got no further emails from them.

Fast forward almost one year later, now they have engaged a U.S. attorney to send me a demand for payment!!! I don't know what to do but I know it will cost me money and expense to get this thing cleared up. DO NOT RENT FROM EUROPCAR! Read through the Internet and you will see hundreds of complaints about this company, all with a similar thread - either smaller, unexplained extra charges after the rental or high "repair" bills sent months after the car has been returned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Europcar Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $2200.

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I got a car from Europcar at Malaga Airport. I pointed out the damage on the car and then they signed. Now they have charge the credir Card for Excess with no attached report!!!!

I would warn for the rental company since it seems that just get the customer on the plane and then charge whatever they wish on the card.

I have rented cars for many years and usually with other firms and there has nevere been this behaviour from any of the other rental companies.


I hired a car from Europcar while my own car was being repaired, when car was returned there were no damage anywhere to the car but two weeks later £150. was deducted from my Credit Card.

When inquired why you have deducted this amount there were no response for days then about two weeks later I had an E-mail saying the car had a damage underneath the front bumper of which I had no knowledge of.

When challenged they returned £75. into my credit card and kept the £75. for the made up damage. I would request everyone not to go near Europcar hire they Thugs I never knew people with such reputation can go so low.

They are *** holes stinking bastards. It is not the £75. it is the principle of the company.

and the worst thing is they are getting away with it.


Same thing! *** *** I hope they all go bankrupt!!


Same situation here...