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I had an accident with my rental car from EuropCar in Italy. It was the worst scenario ever. The emergency-number did not work, same like other provided phone numbers on the contract were not available with a foreign mobile phone. Finally with the help of some Italian bystanders we reached someone who of course did not speak English, I did not understand a word and was very suspicious, but no one could explain. I actually had no proof if really Europcar is taking care of the matter.

Later that day i found some contact phone numbers on the internet which i called to make sure everything was organized the right way and that the car got to the right garage and all. The customer service person i was finally talking too did want to give me further numbers to call to talk with her colleagues about the matter, I did not want that cause I finally reached someone who spoke English on Europcar, but this customer service member hang up on me by purpose!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I called another Europcar subsidiary in another City. It costed 2 days of organizing a new car from Europcar, every subsidiary told something else. It was very stressfull, even when we had the highest possible insurance level. As well we did not get all the money back we spend on taxi rides to get to pick up our new rental car.

When i finally got the invoice from Europcar it appeared a "Damage Admin Fee" without any further explanation what is included and why. I was not guilty in the accident and this was proven. I tried to get back the sum of 90 EUR back from the opposing insurance,but they will not pay for something like this unspecified.

In no way whatsoever i would recommend Europcar. If Europcar is cheaper than others, this has a reason! Bad service, no help, you are left alone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Europcar Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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