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I would NOT use Europcar in London!

We travel regularly and often rent cars around the world, so I was surprised to receive a fine for entering the congestion zone when my husband and I were in London recently.

I called the customer service hotline to query this fine and was advised that, on leaving the Kings Cross Europcar station if you turn right you are in the congestion zone, and if you turn left you are not. The congestion zone pre-payment option isn't offered on renting the car, and we weren't to know we were right near the zone.

I was advised that a lot of people make this 'mistake' and are then fined up to £120... Interestingly Europcar then charge a £30 'processing/admin fee' for these fines.

The staff that served us seemed far more interested in chatting to each other rather than actually serving us and perhaps warning their customers and advising them to pre-pay for the congestion charge. We have rented cars from other companies in London and this is an assumed charge offered on arrival, therefore avoiding unnecessary fines for innocent car hirers.

(We were also surprised to find the station is not in fact at Kings Cross, so we travelled down from Angel, to be met by a representative who drove us back up to the store on Pentonville Road. Which was frustrating and is in fact false advertising).

What was originally a reasonable rental deal has now become twice as expensive as using any of the competitors. So I would definitely advise against using Europcar.

Product or Service Mentioned: Europcar Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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They are still ripping off clients re the congestion charge three years later! Avoid these terrible people at Europcar!


The exact same thing happened to me in June! Bastards are dinging every car that comes off the lot! They were happy to argue with me about the car I ordered, "oh no sir, it's much to small for you and your wife" and then painfully explain the advantages of pre-paying the gas. Bloody pirates! :(

Steve Edgar

Oakville, Ontario, Canada