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For sanity's sake, and to avoid potentially having your identity stolen, stay far far away from the

Europcar branch in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Here's the Reader's Digest version of our experience

renting a car for 2 days from them in Dec'2010:

1.) Incorrect Address on Website. The website says they are located at the HOTEL PARADISIUS RIVIERA

in Puerto Morelos. Not only has this hotel changed owners and names, but the rental office hasn't been

located there for almost 2 years!! They have never bothered to update their new info on the web.

2.) As a result of #1, you will end up paying an outrageous taxi fare to the hotel to this phantom

Europcar location. The taxi drivers are in on this scheme. They know that the location is in the center of

Puerto Morelos, about 600 ft from where the taxis line up, but they will fleece you to get the fare.

3.) When you finally do get to the correct location (no apologies offered regarding their incompetence),

they photo copy your credit card and license. We were not comfortable with this but were assured it

would be returned to us once we returned the car. Fast forward to returning the car, they attempted to

charge us more for having a "second driver", even though I didn't even bring my license to Mexico and

wouldn't have ventured to drive there.

4.) THE SCARIEST PART. They printed our receipt on a piece of paper that contained the photocopy of a

license and credit card info of another renter!! That's how they reuse your info, by reprinting on it and

handing out to other customers! We tried to explain the gravity of the situation and that people could

use that info to purchase things online or open other credit cards, essentially stealing your identity, but

they couldn't get this through their pea brains. My husband insisted on having out info back and they

told us we couldn't have it. At the point of almost jumping over the counter and wrestling it from his

hands, we were given our paperwork back. Thankfully!!

Please do not give a shoddy operation such as Europcar your business!

Product or Service Mentioned: Europcar Car Rental.

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