Rome, Lazio

Hired Europcar Fiat in La Spezia, Italia, 7 October 2013, dropped in Firenze 18 October. All went OK and money deducted from Mastercard immediately according to quote.

No marks on car, near full tank accepted by receiving depot as full.

Then 3 months later another $70 deducted from the card. Mastercard in Australia tell me Europcar contract is open-ended and allows them to take money whenever they wish for ever.

I cancelled the card and am contacting Europcar but if they make no redress Mastercard will make a fraud claim against Europcar bankers. When we collected the car the attendant was extremely helpful and we were impressed and the car was exactly what we wanted.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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same for me..


Same thing has happened to us. Three months after returning the car to Milan airport with no problems we now get a credit card charge of 35Euro no idea what it is for and no one at Europcar will advise.