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We reserved a car at the Frankfurt train station. We've rented many cars in Europe for decades including a car in France last month.

The confirmation only said we needed our driver's license and credit card, which we had, and which is all we've needed in the past. Upon arrival at the station, the agent said we also needed a passport, which was in our hotel safe. Before we could say anything she insisted that the confirmation told us this, but we had the confirmation and it was silent. When we pointed this out, the agent through the confirmation at my wife and screamed "Now I cancel the reservation and you get no car!" I called their Hamburg HQ the next day and got a customer service rep who I thought would be helpful when she offered a "complimentary" car for the day due to the poor attitude of the first agent.

We returned to the station (with passport) and the agent at the station (different from the previous day) had no record that the rental was to be free. When we asked her to call Hamburg (I had taken the name of the Hamburg customer service rep) the agent at the train station also started screaming and said "Who should pay for this car? Me?!" When she finally called Hamburg, the Hamburg agent insisted that I misunderstood that a complimentary car would not be free. She then offered a 50% discount as part of her bait-and-switch.

After she and the agent at the station talked again, I was given the phone and now Hamburg told me I was to pay the entire amount and "if you return the car today" I would get a credit posted by Hamburg. I doubt that I will ever get the credit but even if I do, never, ever will I rent from Europcar again.

They are lairs, deceptive, dishonest and abusive.

Product or Service Mentioned: Europcar Car Rental.

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Arrived at Birmingham Airport Europcar and they did not have the car ready as i'm a corporate customer, instead all i can hear is a *** duty manager named PAV DUBB who was not only talking to his own staff with no respectl but also gave numerous excuses on why the car was not ready. Stay away from the branch and an asian duty manager named PAV DUBB.This duty manager points his fingers to everyone apart from himself.