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We hired a seven seat car from Europcar Amsterdam Schipol for a summer road trip via the website (Peugeot 5008 or similar). The hire was confirmed okay but on arrival we were only able to collect a five-plus-two (meaning the space meant for luggage in used for one or two fold up seats and the bags are put where ever they can be shoe horned). We were told there were no alternatives (even though the booking for a 7 seat car was... Read more

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Tips: 1. Don’t take any expensive Damage Excess reductions. It’s a racket and much cheaper to get independent cover. 2. Don’t expect to get the car you ordered, even if you reserved it weeks in advance, and don’t be fobbed off by a lesser car. 3. Inspect the car fully before signing any contract. 4. Fill up with fuel fully before returning. Hired a car September 2016 in France from Europcar’s office at Marseille train station. I booked weeks in... Read more

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I was given a car through the RAC and paid 50GBP fuel depost. 11 days later I have still not got my refund. I complained to a manager who advised it was sorted. They then took another 14.09GBP without any explanation. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY

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I had rented car in Sardinia from Olbia airport Europ car office for one week. I receive the car with few crashes and in contract was written that car has 3 crashes from both sides and rear. When I return the car I was accused that I made rear crash. My friend told me that in Italy always many customers accused for some crashes on the car, but I don't believe. But in real life I was in Olbia Europcar accused for crashes on the car. I andestood... Read more

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Totally got the shaft by Europcar at Heathrow today. We went cheap with Europcar, and paid the cost with an insurance scam; they wouldn't rent to us unless we took out their insurance (in addition to our own). An additional $500. What are you going to do after you've been forced to wait for service for 2+ hours with a hungry/cranky 4 year old. They have you by the short and curlies. 'Take a ticket' and wait, like you're waiting for deli meat,... Read more

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Booked a Car. When we arrived late and tired at the airport, Europcar did not have the car we booked. Europcar Forced us to pay £120 more for a different vehicle even though it was their mistake. We did not have a choice as we did not want to be stuck at the airport with our children. Europcar knew we could not do anything. It was blackmail. We figured complaining to customer services would make it right again but it made the experience even... Read more

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just a few hours before we went on holiday went to collect the car and they said that we needed to provide additional security checks and it was new company poilcy. they done some sort of check with the credit agency and asked us questions that only we should know. one was who was our mortgage with, we actually had our latest mortgage statement with us so that was an easy one....... nope according to them we got it wrong and they refused to hire... Read more

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Arriving at East Midlands airport, I tried to use my Holliday Autos voucher at Europcar. I provided my legal Australian licence. He then asked me for my boarding pass. I asked why: he repeated he wanted to see my boarding pass. I told him I didn’t have it and I had just arrived from Glasgow. He then told me he needed to see my electronic booking for my flight: I asked him why and he said: “ I need to know if you are allowed to be in this... Read more

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My dad hired a car from this company which was a Toyota. When we got out the airport to collect our car the staff were very rude and pushed us around into a van. When we got to the rental place they claimed they needed his national insurance number which wasnt previously stated so he spent lots of money phoning people to find it. Then the car he received was not a toyota but a volkswagen which had a tiny scratch on it. He igbored it and drove... Read more

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Be very careful when renting from this company. Dishonest and lied to me, even when I have tried to resolve after the fact. Unscrupulous corporate behaviour. World traveller who rents a lot of cars. I use my credit card to cover the required insurance, never have an issue. I was told that in order to release the car, I had to buy their insurance. BTW, their insurance is expensive, cost more per day than the car rental. I know this to be untrue,... Read more

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